Customer Generation That Works.

Our platform generates quality sales on a pay-per-lead basis, which provides a transparent ROI, and a profitable and scalable source of growth.

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Sales Ready Leads

Our Sales Ready Leads are a scalable and reliable source of new customers. They are people likely to be buy now.  

We target potential customers and position ourselves close to the end of their decision buying process.  We validate their details before passing leads to you.


Only pay for the number of leads you need.  No additional upfront or production fees.  Our platform can scale with you as your business grows.


We do not share the leads we generate with others in your industry.  We believe that is the best way to bring our clients results.


Our pricing model allow businesses freedom and flexibility without longterm contracts.  The quality of our leads stand on their own.

Find out how Innoge Labs can help you find new customers, and grow your business.

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Customer Generation Platform

1. We create, distribute content and ads under one of our digital brands
2. Customers see one of our ads some then go on to complete of one of our inquiry forms
3. Customer contact information are validated
4. Leads are passed from our platform to your sales team, either via email, API, telephone or CRM system
5. Your sales team contacts potential customers to discuss their needs and finalize the sale